Today, instruments are usually reprocessed by machine. However, the often highly infectious instruments do not enter the machine on their own: they are stored and transported by the staff.

Due to their material properties, however, not all instruments are suitable for machine reprocessing. In such cases, manual reprocessing is the only option, and this is where physicians and nursing staff are at risk. So don’t forget to reliably protect yourself as well! We support you in this with preparations that have a broad and rapid effect with maximum protection for people and the environment.

Our product range


Lysoform Surface disinfection Aldasan 2000 / Aldosan 2000-CH

Aldasan® 2000 / Aldosan® 2000-CH

Concentrate for the disinfection of medical devices and other objects through wiping or submersion

Lysoform Instruments disinfection Almyrol


Disinfection of medical devices by wiping or submersion (instrument disinfection acc. to VAH-methods)

Lysoform instruments disinfection Lysoformin 3000

Lysoformin® 3000

Disinfection of medical devices (surfaces and instruments) through wiping or submersion