Lysoform disinfection medicin device Trichlorol


Disinfection of surfaces, equipment and medical devices by wiping
BAuA: Reg-Nr.: N-12753; N-12754; N-12755
Range of application
  • control of bacteria (incl. TBC), yeast and viruses
  • disinfection and cleaning of medical devices in a single step
  • use according to the instructions for use of the manufacturer of the medical device
  • disinfection of textiles such as mops, scouring pads, etcetera.
  • disinfection of medical devices, surfaces and laundry in case of outbreaks
  • disinfection of bathtubs

100 g powder contains:
80 g tosylchloramide sodium (active ingredient)
Sodium dodecyl sulphate


Use Trichlorol safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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